Like most dads, I keep a close eye on our thermostat – much to my family’s chagrin. If you are willing to give up a few degrees here and there, you can save big on utility bills during the cold months while helping the environment. Of course, there are sure to be members of any household who are chronically cold. For them, there are electric blankets.

Just about every electric blanket these days features an auto shut-off function, which automatically turns your blanket off after a set amount of time to save on power. Most throws shut off after three hours. The blankets that are large enough to use in bed generally have a 10-hour shut-off. Also, queen- and king-sized blankets usually have two controllers to allow for individual temperature settings.

For the most part, electric blankets are safe, but even the best models can potentially overheat. Manufacturers do a pretty good job of addressing this issue, as is the case with each of the blankets we chose as our top picks.

To determine which electric blankets made the cut, we combed through hundreds of ratings and reviews from experts and average customers. The main criteria we focused on were comfort, warmth, and long-term, consistent performance.

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Sunbeam has a broad range of electric blankets that are among the best on the market. That’s why we focus on three of the company’s top offerings in this buying guide. We chose the Luxurious Velvet Plush Heated Blanket as the best electric blanket overall because of its ThermoFine warming system, which provides consistent warmth.

In order to keep the blanket cozy, it monitors the temperature and auto-adjusts to the perfect amount of heat. There are 20 personalized heat settings, including a pre-heat setting and an auto-off function. The dual controls allow for two individuals to choose the setting that works best for them.

The blanket is made of 100% polyester velvet plush fabric with hemmed edges. It comes in 12 colors, including brown, ivy green, beige, and dusty blue. The entire blanket is machine washable and safe for the dryer. Sunbeam stands behind this product with a five-year limited warranty.

The Sunbeam Luxurious Velvet Plush Heated Blanket was runner-up on Consumer Search‘s list of the best electric blankets. The reviewers liked that it heats up quickly, the fabric is soft, and that auto-off options are available. However, they disliked that it wasn’t low voltage. The10Pro ranked it among the best heated blankets because it’s machine washable and features a ThermoFine warming system, which monitors temperatures and makes adjustments for improved sleep.

Around 62% of the people who reviewed the Sunbeam Luxurious Velvet Plush Heated Blanket on Amazon gave it four or five stars. Most users seem to like this blanket because it is incredibly soft on your skin. One buyer compared it to a teddy bear. They also comment that it heats up quickly and allows them to turn their thermostats down and save on utility bills.

There were a few complaints, of course. The blanket’s silky soft material causes it to slide off the bed, as some reviewers pointed out. You may feel the wires within the blanket. Also, one buyer complained that their feet still tended to get cold and recommended bunching the blanket up by your feet.

The Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw is made of 100%, extra soft, plush polyester. The throw measures 50 by 60 inches and is machine washable and dryer safe. Like our top pick, this Sunbeam blanket features the ThermoFine warming system which adjusts the temperature to provide consistent warmth.

There are only three heat settings (Low, Med, High) on this blanket, and the auto-off feature turns off after three hours, which does not make it ideal for staying warm through the night.

Consumer Search awarded the Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw the title of “Best Heated Throw Blanket” because it heats quickly, has a three-hour automatic shut-off, features soft material, and is a convenient size. Check What’s Best loved the affordable price of this throw blanket and its three heat settings. Your Best Digs also ranked this throw highly because of its easy-to-use controller and excellent performance.

For the most part, Amazon buyers like the plush, soft fabric and the fact that the blanket heats up evenly and quickly. We did not find complaints about cold spots or dead zones. However, there have been a few reports of the controller overheating and melting. In the instances we found, the overheating happened at around the one-month mark of ownership. Be aware of this issue and contact Sunbeam if you experience overheating.

What sets the Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa blanket apart from the competition is the amount of control you have. First of all, it comes in twin through king sizes (but not California king). There are also nine colors to choose from, including cream, sage, brick, and denim.

The king- and queen-sized blankets come with two controllers, which allow for two different heat settings. There are ten heat settings to pick from, too, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. The auto shut-off lasts for ten hours, which should get you through the night.

The blanket itself has a 100% polyester MicroPlush top and Sherpa bottom. The Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa is machine washable and comes with a five-year warranty in case of problems.

The Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa Electric Blanket was included in Warm Electric‘s look at the best heated covers. The reviewer was impressed with the multiple heat settings and how the blanket would stay at the temperature you select. Top Electric Blankets performed a thorough review of this model and liked that the larger models come with multiple controllers, it heats up quickly, has a wide range of settings, and is energy efficient. However, they found the controllers are not durable and the blanket may be too thick for temperate climates.

Around 53% of reviewers on Amazon gave it five stars. Buyers commented that they like that the temperature range goes from slightly warm to roasting. They found the fabric soft. One user commented that their blanket arrived with a defect, and the seller fixed the issue immediately. The biggest complaint was that the auto shut-off was too short, though it is one of the longest on our list at 10 hours. One workaround is to turn the blanket off and then on again right before you drift off to sleep.

Sunbeam has created its own softness rating scale that goes from Soft to Extra Soft to Ultra Soft and maxes out at Premium Soft. The Reversible Sherpa/Mink Heated Throw has the highest rating, Premium Soft. The top is made of faux mink, and the bottom is Sherpa. The entire product is washing machine and dryer safe.

Sunbeam makes a big deal about the “EliteStyle II Controller,” but it isn’t necessarily more impressive than any of the other controllers out there. It has three settings (Low, Medium, and High) and features a three-hour shut-off, which means it is better for staying warm on the couch rather than providing heat all through the night. As with the other Sunbeam blankets on this list, the Sherpa/Mink Throw uses the heat-sensing and auto-adjusting ThermoFine warming system.

The Sherpa/Mink Heated Throw is second to the Sunbeam Microplush on Consumer Search‘s list of the best heated throw blankets. Your Best Digs calls this blanket the best heated throw because of the unparalleled softness found on both sides of the blanket. One of the negatives is that it only has three temperature settings.

More than 1100 reviewers on Amazon gave the Reversible Sherpa/Mink Heated Throw a positive review. Buyers are impressed with how soft the materials are and that the blanket has some heft to it.

There are a few complaints, though. One user didn’t like that the Sherpa side started to get nappy over time. They also found the blanket did not give off enough heat. Another buy had trouble getting the power to connect correctly. Fortunately, there is a five-year warranty that covers you if your blanket is defective.

The Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece blanket is made of 100% polyester with ultra-soft micro-fleece fabric that is safe for the washer and dryer without stretching, shrinking, or pilling. Most blankets are marketed as energy-saving because you can turn your thermostat down, but this blanket offers further savings by operating on less than 25 volts. The thin wires are spaced around five inches apart for even heating.

The blanket comes in natural, beige, chocolate, grey, and slate blue. Each color is available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. For the queen and king sizes, there are dual controls for individual comfort. The controllers also feature an auto shut-off after ten hours of use. All of the styles come with a limited five-year warranty.

Consumer Search rated the Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Blanket highly because of the easy-to-use control, thin interior wires, preheat function, and low-voltage heating. However, this model lost points because the reviewers found the connector doesn’t last and it’s slow to heat up.

Around 1,800 of the reviewers of the Soft Heat Micro-Fleece Blanket on Amazon gave it five stars. Users like that the heat is subtle. This blanket is not burning hot. Buyers were also impressed with how responsive the brand’s customer service is. There were a few complaints from a few years ago about the wiring overheating and starting to burn. It appears that the manufacturer has addressed this problem because there are no recent complaints about this happening.

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