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Future SMD LED rollouts targeting high-contrast LED displays will be in 0505, 0606 and 0808 packages. Larger units popular in lighting and backlighting applications are a staple.

Future SMD LED rollouts targeting high-contrast LED displays will be in 0505, 0606 and 0808 packages. Larger units popular in lighting and backlighting applications are a staple.

LEDs in conventional SMD packages remain a strong category despite the rise of rival COB and chip scale package or CSP types. These are expected to still be the default technology in lights, backlighting and LED displays in the next one or two years, which is why most mainland China manufacturers will continue to raise output and pursue further product miniaturization.

More local companies will put emphasis on the development of 0505, 0606 and 0808 models for small-pitch LED displays with high definition and contrast. Although these sizes can be sourced, the predominant output consists of those in 5050, 3528 and 2835, which makers said continue to be in demand in lighting and backlighting products.

A few large mainland players, on the other hand, pursue this further to keep up with trends. Companies such as Foshan NationStar, Lepower and Shenzhen Refond have released CSP LEDs recently. In LED lighting and backlighting, such types are gaining attention not only because these are smaller than diodes in other packages but also display higher luminous efficacy.

There are likewise local makers that are turning out Mini-LEDs and MicroLEDs for small-pitch LED displays. These diodes are expected to replace SMD and COB LEDs in this application in coming years. Both have advantages of high brightness, definition and color saturation, quick response time, reduced power dissipation and long operating life, and will gain traction in TVs and car infotainment as well. Additionally, Mini-LEDs will be widely adopted in smartphones and advertising displays, while MicroLEDs will find their way into AR/VR devices, smart watches and wearable electronics.

In the conventional SMD LED line, sales have been growing at 5 percent annually. Despite contending technologies, the majority of domestic suppliers are confident of this trend in the next one or two years. They are looking to achieving the same rate in export volume in 2019.

The mainland is a key production base for the category, accounting for more than 50 percent of global shipments. Output is sent to Europe, North and South America, East Asia and Russia.

About 400 companies make up the production pool for SMD LEDs in the mainland, with the majority locally owned and the rest with investment mostly from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Guangdong Hongli is among the key homegrown suppliers, besides Foshan Nationstar and Shenzhen Refond.

More than half of the factories are in the province of Guangdong, specifically in the cities of Dongguan, Shenzhen, Foshan and Zhongshan. The other major city locations are Suzhou and Zhenjiang, both in Jiangsu province.

Top view LEDs in sizes of 0505, 0606, 0808, 3528, 5050, 2835, 3014, 3020, 5630 and 5730, and side view types in 010, 020, 335 and 215 make up the local mainstream SMD selection. Units in 3528, 5050 and 2835 continue to lead supply.

Suppliers ensure products have vivid color, besides low power dissipation and enhanced reliability. For outdoor applications, they offer high-brightness variants with water resistance of IP65 to IP67. Some use silicone adhesive sealant, which has better resistance to heat, yellowing and overall degradation than traditional material epoxy resin.

Many mainland manufacturers secure industry certification such as LM-80 and UL, and comply with RoHS.

Chips, lenses, gold wires, PCBs and adhesives are among the main components and materials used in making SMD LEDs. The first comes from US and Taiwan providers such as Cree, Chimei, Genesis Photonics and Tyntek. Some companies also source chips from domestic supplier San'an. The rest of the inputs are obtained from the local supply.

The cost of materials and components did not fluctuate much in past months, keeping prices of SMD LEDs steady. The rise in labor expenditure, however, forced some makers to raise their quotes by less than 5 percent. The majority of suppliers are confident all rates will be generally stable throughout 2019.

The products in this gallery have been handpicked by our mainland China-based market analyst for representing current trends in SMD LEDs from mainland China and Taiwan makers.

Hong Kong Double Light Electronics Technology Co. Ltd's DL-PCB5050RGBW-10W model is a 5050 SMD LED with 700mA peak forward and 350mA continuous forward current, 5V reverse voltage and 2,000 or 3,000mW power dissipation. The 10W unit with a 120-degree viewing angle operates in -40 to 85 C.

This RoHS-compliant SMD LED from Kingbright Electronic Co. Ltd, KM2520CGCK09 model, has 30mA DC forward current, 5V reverse voltage and 75mW power dissipation.

The 2.5x2mm unit, which operates in -40 to 85 C, has a negotiable minimum order. Delivery lead time is 7 days.

In warm- and pure-white versions, Shenzhen Best LED Optoelectronic Co. Ltd's model 5050W-20 SMD LED uses a 5050 package. It has a luminous flux of 18 to 20 lumens. The 0.2W unit with 3 to 3.4V operating voltage lasts more than 80,000 hours.

19mm waterproof metal push button switch

From Zhongshan Golden Sun Optoelectronic Technology Co. Ltd, this 0.2W SMD LED, JY-5050RGY model, has 2 to 7 lumens luminous flux, and respective wavelengths of 618 to 625nm, 518 to 525nm and 587 to 593nm in red, green and yellow. The 5050 unit with 2 to 3.3V voltage and 20mA forward current suits indicator, indoor and interior automotive lighting, and backlighting applications.

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