The Krewe of Thoth reveled at its 72nd annual Carnival ball Saturday at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner.

The pageant for “the biggest little krewe in Carnival” was titled “Thoth Salutes the Greats.” The theme of the ball was an homage to the many uses of the word “great” in nature and science, which also included references to people and places described by the modifier “great.” The set depicted a grand hall of mirrors for the affair.

Maids to her majesty were Misses Meghan Elise Mandella, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Mandella; Jordan Elizabeth Mathis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Mathis; Kennedi Elizabeth Melancon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richie A. Melancon; Eve Elise Roethele, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. James D. Roethele; Caroline Elizabeth Rowell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Rowell Sr.; Savannah Mae Schenck, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Schenck; Victoria Michelle Taylor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Taylor; and Jessica Emily Thompson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Terrell F. Thompson Sr.

Ladies-in-waiting were Misses Olivia Grace Arrant, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Arrant Jr.; Cora Lynn Carter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Carter; Amelia Scarlett Ducatel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark I. Ducatel; Mia Lee and Myka Rae Galloway, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Ricky R. Galloway; Claire Aynsley Kirsch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Kirsch III; Elise Anne McEvers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. McEvers Jr.; Kallie Renee Meyer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jude A. Meyer Jr.; Ashlyn Grace Nickens, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George D. Nickens; Madeline Cecile Rich, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Rich; Kira Royal Blanco-Sharp, daughter of Mr. Michael Chapman and Ms. Selina Alexandra Blanco-Sharp; and Mackenzie Ann Stephens, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Stephens.

Junior maids were Misses Sophia Rose Amedeo, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Amedeo; Evangeline Claire Barras, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ian C. Barras; Rylee Nicole Forvendel, daughter of Ms. Courtney K. Forvendel; Emily Rene Heller, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Heller Jr.; Caroline Beatrice Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vance A. Johnson; Addison Grace Manning, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Manning; Katarina Alexandra Molnar, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Molnar; Addison Schuyler Myers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adam M. Myers; Isabella Grace St. Philip, daughter of Mr. Vincent J. St. Philip and Ms. Faith Boudoin; and Elizabeth Manning Yaggy, daughter of Ms. Erin Yaggy and the late Maj. David L. Yaggy.

The royal pages in his majesty’s court were Masters James Hamilton Gottsche, son of Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Gottsche; and Logan Paul Lombardi, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Lombardi.

Pages to the queen were Masters Tanner Joseph Schexnaydre, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris M. Schexnaydre; Terrell Flanagan Thompson Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Thompson.

The queen wore a classic sheath gown of silver imported Rhodia silk, trimmed in gold and imported Austrian rhinestones. It featured original rhinestone appliqués with rhinestone trim. Her jewelry was created exclusively for her. Her crown and regal scepter were of matching design. Her collar echoed the crown and scepter and was covered in lace and trimmed in imported Austrian rhinestones. Her mantle had an Egyptian motif jeweled with brilliants.

King Thoth LXXII wore an imperial-style tunic of silver imported Rhodia silk, trimmed in gold and featuring original rhinestone appliqués matching that of the queen. His matching gold and white mantle featured the same design motif as that of her majesty. His crown and scepter matched those of her majesty.

The captain wore a traditional-style tunic costume of white imported silk trimmed in silver. The front of the tunic was accented with original, iridescent Austrian rhinestone applique designs. His floor-length cape featured a stand-up collar, adorned in Austrian-stone designs. A traditional Mardi Gras rhinestone dome with white fantasia plumes completed his attire.

Maids of the royal court wore gowns of varying colors that were representations of the ball’s theme. From literature, two maids were emblematic of Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations” and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby.” Another maid rendered a nod to naturalist John J. Audubon as she was “The Great Heron.” Another maid paid homage to Russian czarina “Catherine the Great,” while two other maids brought to mind popular culture with the circus slogan “The Greatest Show on Earth” and the reference to the “Peanuts” cartoon strip by Charles Schulz, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” Still, another Thoth maid represented Australia’s “Great Barrier Reef.” Finally, because of the krewe’s ties to an Egyptian motif, the remaining Thoth maid was most fittingly the personification of the “Great Pyramids of Egypt.”

The ladies-in-waiting wore off-white gowns imported from India adorned with pearls, white lace and imported Austrian rhinestones, trimmed with a silver taffeta bow. Junior maids were dressed in white silk taffeta A-line dresses with rhinestones adorning the necklines, complemented with sashes of dark blue.


The royal officers were costumed in blue silk trimmed in silver and adorned with rhinestones, each wearing elaborate headdresses with blue plumes.

Retired Army Lt. Col. Robert A. Brown served as general chairman of the ball, while vice chairman was Mr. Wayne M. Lee.

Chairmen were Messrs. Philip Fricano Jr., Mark Hildreth, Chris A. Lea, Drs. Jack Jacob, David M. Mulnick and Jefferson Parish President Michael Yenni.

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